Course Directors 2017

Course Directors

Ibrahim Al Rashdan

Farrel Hellig
South Africa

  Haitham Amin

Mpiko Ntsekhe 
South Africa

Haitham Amin

William Wijns 




Message from the course directors

Greetings! We are proud and excited to announce that AfricaPCR 2017 – the unique course by and for the Interventional community in Africa - will be held in Cape Town, South Africa during 23-25 March next year.

Once again the course promises to facilitate transfer of skills and knowledge in a forum that takes into consideration our diverse cultures and pathologies and the unique challenges of our regional circumstances. It will provide delegates with an opportunity to get together and share experiences and insight with an appreciation of, and with relevance to, the African context, that we can learn to better serve all of our patients on the African continent.

As in previous years, the 2017 programme is practical and interactive, concentrating on procedures, how to perform them and how to optimise outcomes. Each session is focussed around a specific case or cases that make it clinically relevant. The course will address a broad range of topics, based on needs identified from around the continent, including coronary disease, structural heart disease, valvular disease, congenital heart intervention and acute coronary syndromes. In addition, we will consider some exciting success stories from the cath lab, looking at specific case examples.

For 2017, the course has been re-designed to meet the diversity of requirements and to better represent cath labs, including those that are starting up as new ventures and those which are already well established. Consequently, for the first time, there will be two parallel, but complimentary, educational tracks: the learning component, similar to prior editions with learning sessions, but now also an applied component including live cases representative of daily practice. 

Attendees may wish to attend sessions in both tracks to take a procedure from first principles all the way to an advanced level. The applied track will include 6 live case sessions in the main programme, with “Live in a Box” featuring in the learning track. The allied practitioners programme will be integrated into the new edition rather than running as a separate entity, and there is special material developed for newly qualified colleagues. Industry-sponsored sessions will complement the course.

Please bear in mind that this is your course and your own cases are used to compile a programme that is clinically relevant to you. Accordingly, we would encourage you to continue to submit cases to include in the Interactive Case Corner (ICC) or the Main Arena. In 2016, 80 cases were presented and we would like to increase on this number in 2017. There will be a dedicated ICC timeslot, with no other parallel sessions in order to ensure an audience for case submitters.

For those of you who have attended previous courses, we are sure that you will agree with us when we say that Africa PCR is more than just a course. It is a celebration, bringing together the community of cardiologists from East, West, Central, North and Southern Africa into a single environment to share experiences, growth, progress and achievements. We look forward to meeting with you all and welcoming you in Cape Town.